Behind the Buckets

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Meet Chris.  He's the owner and founder of Bucket of Bread.  Probably like you, he has always been an avid at home cook and baker.  Now he just wants to share with others and try to do some good in the world.

Growing up, some of the best memories are with his mother creating masterpieces and inventing twists on recipes they created together in the kitchen.  Most of the time even making a frozen pizza gets a creative spin on it. 

During time spent overseas living in Germany, Chris always enjoyed visiting bakeries and having fresh baked bread with his meals.  After returning in the mid-nineties, delicious bread was one thing he just missed.  The solution?  He just started making his own.

After many recipes, attempts, fails, and finally narrowing down his own doughs, he realized how it was more than just bread. Plus it tasted so much better than store bought. Participating in various charity events always ended up with him contributing something baked.  At every event he'd always receive an outpouring of compliments on how delicious everything always was and always running out of the loaves donated.

Bread from 2015


One day in August of 2020, at about 3 a.m., Chris woke up with one of those can't shake it dreams of an idea that just wouldn't go away. 


While sitting there pondering all the ways this idea could be put to reality, he rolled over to his obviously sleeping partner and said, "You know how everyone likes the bread I bake?  I could totally sell my bread and help people at the same time.  And, I could put it in a bucket!" 


The reply was short, sweet, and followed by the purring snuffle sounds of heavy sleeping. "Do it!"


Thank you, Mom!

Bread in Iraq.JPG

Military deployment -
Baking bread in Northern Iraq 


The overall vision for Bucket of Bread is simply to:

  • Grow BoB into a product with supporters and fans of the products who are passionate about creating high quality delicious possibilities found in every bucket.

  • Use a strength in numbers approach to generate donated buckets and funds for an impactful use within communities and provide some comfort to those less fortunate than others through delivering donated buckets to organizations and actively participate in these types of kitchens as a volunteer to deliver a large quantity of fresh nutritious foods.

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