Bucket Benefit Program

Bucket of Bread LLC is dedicated to helping combat hunger for those less fortunate. The Bucket Benefit Program allows consumers to add a bucket to their purchase as a donation.  Bucket of Bread delivers offered donations to support structures within communities:


  • Physical donations for kitchens that provide food to those in need.

  • Physical donations to food pantries that accept food as donations.

  • Through monetary donation equivalence (minus ingredients and labor costs).

  • Through dedicated profit sharing (AT LEAST 10% of any company profits from the previous tax year are used to support various non-profits).

The support organization to receive donations is chosen at the sole discretion of Bucket of Bread LLC and all donations are to be published on the Bucket of Bread website at the very least annually. 


(See Tracking)

original concept video:

There are people less fortunate than us who often go hungry.  They need help. But, what can I do if I'm only one person?  


I'd like to help but I'm just one person too. My brain is spinning for an idea.  What if we tried something different?  Use the Power of the Internet!  I need a new shirt.  

Create a Business That: Sells Something Yummy, Contains Videos for Recipes, Asks Visitors to Help Others.  BUCKET OF BREAD.  Bucket of Bread .com.  

Help pay it forward at Bucket of Bread .com.  Click into my website to get something fun, yummy, and help people at the same time.  

It's too easy!  

It Starts with Your Kindness

You may add a donated bucket when ordering your own delicious dough mix, order a one-time donation, or join BoB's club for a monthly gift.  It all starts with you.

Graphic of a single bucket representing a donation.

Strength in Numbers:

Because of your kindness and the generosity of others all sending buckets, BoB is in the position to use collected offerings to increase the impact in various communities.  The more people who participate means the greater the good.  

Graphic of multiple donated buckets representing storage and collection of donations.

SHaring your COmpassion

BoB selects from various organizations and sanctioned community efforts having a mission to help stave off food insecurity and combat the ugliness of hunger in America.  Whether through selected volunteers or active BoB owner participation, the gifts of high-quality food are distributed to and sometimes even baked on location for those in need.