Frequently Asked Questions

How many loaves does it make?

Try not using loaf pans... but, you end up with over 3.5 pounds of dough filling the gallon bucket once risen. So the number of loaves depends on the size of your loaves.

How long does it last?

The recommendation is to open and use your bucket within 30 days of ordering for best results. BUT, buckets may rise into a great dough still up to around three month mark if extra time is given for the rise. Even though this is the most likely case, still try to use it up within the first month and order another after it is gone.

Can't I just grease a cookie sheet and put it in the oven that way?

This is not recommended as the grease may cause your dough to burn on the bottom. It will also make your cookie sheet or pan much more difficult to clean. Use parchmant paper, non-stick foil, or sprinkle some corn meal down to prevent sticking.

Can I use the mix in my bread machine?

This is not recommended. Even larger machines are over loaded by the amount of dough one bucket produces.

What do I do with my bucket after I'm done using the dough?

Please don't throw your buckets away in the trash. These buckets are 100% recyclable. These are also pretty nice quality buckets so reusing these for other things is also quite a smart thing to do. Bucket of Bread cannot recommend to reuse buckets for food use as the manufacturer pointed out if people do not wash them completely, the rubber seals inside the lid may trap moisture and very unhealthy bacteria or other gunk. Because of this reason, please make a wise choice and reuse for food purposes at your own risk.

What about parchment paper?

It is highly recommended to follow the packaging temperature guidelines for your brand of parchment paper. Most parchment paper is rated for use at temperatures no higher than 420 to 450 degrees. Bucket of Bread recommends seeking out parchment paper rated for use at the highest temperature available. Some non-stick parchment paper brands rated at 450 degrees or better are: Beyond Gourmet: 450°F PanPal: 475°F Regency Wraps: 450°F The choice to use temperature appropriate parchment paper or not is ultimately your personal call and responsibility to make. JUSE BE SAFE: NEVER LEAVE YOUR OVEN UNATTENDED WHILE IT IS HOT!

Why are there bubbles in my dough?

The bubbles are supposed to be there and just mean that science is working in your favor. The dough will last up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator. If bubbles show up with a sealed lid in the fridge, it is okay too.

How do I tell when bread is done baking?

If you decide to make something a little bigger and thicker than the basic instructions. Here is a trick you may want to follow: tap the bottom of it with a knuckle like you would at a door. What you want to hear is a hollow sound. BUT, the best method for determining this is probably sticking a temperature probe into the middle of the bread and getting a temperature of 190-200 degrees Farenheit.

How come the center of my bread didn't bake all the way through?

Ovens are all different; however, this is most likely due to having had the bucket stored in the refrigerator. Try forming what you are going to bake and placing it on the cooking sheet. Then start the pre-heating of the oven. This will give the dough some time to come to room temperature and making it easier for the dough to bake all the way through.

How come Bucket of Bread isn't on Shark Tank yet?

While incredibly flattered this is even a common question, it indicates Bucket of Bread is on to a really great idea. So, if you're really curious and for the tons of people who took the time to state it should happen... (drum roll) the application was sent. Thanks for the push into the water... #sharktank