Frequently Asked Questions

How much does 1 bucket make?

One Bucket of Bread will make up to 12 baseball sized loaves with over 3.5 pounds of dough.

What about parchment paper?

It is highly recommended to follow the packaging temperature guidelines for your brand of parchment paper. Most parchment paper is rated for use at temperatures no higher than 420 to 450 degrees. Bucket of Bread recommends seeking out paper rated for use at the highest temperature available. Some non-stick parchment paper brands rated at 450 degrees or better are: Beyond Gourmet: 450°F PanPal: 475°F Regency Wraps: 450°F The choice is ultimately your personal call and responsibility to make. BUT BE SAFE: NEVER LEAVE YOUR OVEN UNATTENDED WHILE IT IS HOT!

Can I use the mix in my bread machine?

This is not yet recommended. If you try it, let Bucket of Bread know how it turned out. BoB plans to purchase a used bread maker and see how that works with these doughs. Stay tuned!

What do I do with my bucket after I'm done using the dough?

Please don't throw your buckets away in the trash. Wash them and reuse them until they are no longer functional. If you do reuse your bucket, ensure you wash it completely as the rubber seal inside the lid may trap moisture and very unhealthy bacteria and gunk. Share with Bucket of Bread how you reuse your buckets! If you decide to discard your bucket, PLEASE recyle. The bucket is made from 100% recyclable materials.

What do I do about sticky dough?

The best remedy for this is to refridgerate your dough. You may also wet your hands. Access the video sessions on forming loaves with pro-tips on how to work with sticky dough.

Can't I just grease a cookie sheet and put it in the oven that way?

This is not recommended as the grease may cause your dough to burn on the bottom. It will also make your cookie sheet or pan much more difficult to clean. Use parchmant paper, non-stick foil, or sprinkle some corn meal down to prevent sticking.

Why are there bubbles in my dough after a few days in the refridgerator?

The dough will last up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator. The bubbles are supposed to be there and just mean that science is working in your favor.

Can I freeze the dough?

Yes! The trick for this is to mix up the bucket, let it rise, separate your bucket of dough into smaller balls of dough, wrap them in freezer safe packaging or containers, and use them as needed. To use them frozen dough, take out your desired amount of prepared dough balls and let them completely thaw. Do not use a microwave to speed up this process. Then, bake according to the instructions on the bucket or as per the recipe you've chosen to create.